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oregon eclipse 2017

[About the Event]

Oregon Eclipse 2017 is a week long event beginning August 17 and ending August 23 at 3:33pm. 7 stages of music, multiple areas of workshops, yoga & dance classes, theatrical and circus performance, along with epic large-scale art installations will provide the backdrop to one of the most phenomenal experiences ever to be witnessed; a Total Solar Eclipse.

[Camping and Parking]
All vehicles arriving on site must purchase a Vehicle Pass with the exceptions of bicycles and motorcycles. The price for all vehicles including cars, trucks, buses, trailers or RV’s will be $100.
Camping is first come, first served and will generally be a self-directed proposition. Wide open stretches of campground mean that you may set up camp in anyway you see fit although we ask that you be mindful of your fellow eclipse chasers. We plan on releasing maps of the grounds before the event to support people making plans to camp with their friends.

[Leave No Trace]
Oregon Eclipse 2017 will take place at a wonderful site that has never been used as a event site before. All things that arrive on site will also have to depart when the event has concluded and we need your help. The event is imposing a strict Leave No Trace environment. This means taking only what you need to survive and leaving site with those things as well. Drop off stations will be noted to assist in the disposal process.


[Buses and Transport]
Since this is a destination event and people will be traveling from all over the world, we are making a concerted effort to provide support for transportation. Bus passes will be available for purchase from Portland, Bend, and Redmond airports multiple times per day. Reserve your passes early as all things are limited.  ;)


[Ready, Set, Camp]
Options will be provided for those who wish to have their camps set up for them. Keep in mind, these are not glamour camping (or glamping), rather these options are simple sleeping set ups that come with bedding and power for gadgets and gizmos. Options can be found on the website.
[Elemental Alchemy]
Before the actual event, we will be offering Elemental Alchemy, a 5-day immersive available in several different subjects. Past courses have been centered around permaculture, yoga, visual art, as well as ritual & performance. Organic, home-cooked meals are included in the price of the course. More information will be available in the spring.


OZORA 2017


2017年7月31日 – 8月6日

MAIN STAGE: 1200 Micrograms Band | Aardvarkk | Ace Ventura | Acid Mind | Ajja | Alpha Portal | Anthill | Arcon | Arjuna | Astrix | Atmos | Avalon | Aurafood | Beardy Weardy | Braincell | Bumbling Loons | Circuit Breakers | Cylon | Dark Nebula | Digoa | Dirty Saffi | Dr Space | Drip Drop | Driss | Dust | Earthspace | Eat Static | Ebru | Evil Oil Man | Gaspard | Gino Sonica | Giuseppe | GMS Classic | Goa Jonas | Govinda | Hatta | Hujaboy | Hypereggs | Imaginarium | Imagine Mars | 1rgum 3urgum | Janux | Jonas | Juno Reactor & The Mutant Theatre V2 | Justin Chaos | Kala | Kasatka | Kokobloko | Koxbox | Liftshift | Liquid Soul | Loonacy | Mad Tribe | Magik | Martian Arts | Melting Point | Mindwave | Naima | Nazgul | Novelty Engine | Oforia | Ohm | Onkel Dunkel | Ott Band | Perfect Stranger vs Loud | Phobos | Protonica | Psyletzky | Rawar | Regan | Rinkadink vs Element | Shiva Chandra | Simiantics | Soundaholix | System Static | Tristan | Tron | Tsubi | Union Jack | X-Dream | XYU | Yudhisthira


THE DOME: Aes Dana | Aliji | Antonio Giampietro | Bayawaka | Beta | Bwoy De Bayan | Carbon Based Lifeforms | Clairvo | Ada Kaleh | Dj Josko | Dubnotic | Eat Static ‘Lost In Time’ | Eitan Reiter (Electronica Live Show) | Gabriel Le Mar Presents Synergy Dub | Giuseppe | Global Mystic | Globular | Illuminus | Kaya Project | Lokasti & Nektarios | Lucas | Marcus Henriksson Aka Minilogue | Mental | Mirror System | Misled Convoy | Raja Ram & Chicago | Schatsi In Dub /Ace Ventura/ | Solar Fields | Tengri | The Irresistible Force | Tsubi In Dub | Vataff Project | Vizar | Vlastur | Zoungla


DRAGON NEST: Adrian Sherwood | Chancha Via Circuito | Fingers Mitchell Cullen | Gaudi Allstars Orchestra | HabooDubz | Kalumet | Kikagaku Moyo | Lazúz by Laruz & Tula | Light In Babylon | Maoom | Matsumoto Zoku | Meute | Mike Stellar | Mop Mop feat. Wayne Snow | morcX | Olga Podluzhnaya Uutai | Onogana | Óperentzia feat. Csángálló | Paddy Free | Panda Dub Live Band | Pitch Black | Random Rab | Rasa Sound | Riff Cohen | Steampunk Radio Show | United Tribes | Vince Varga | Vlastur Full Band | Zoungla Live Band


PUMPUI: Ad-M & Yury | Almond Lama | Balo | Behind Blue Eyes | Botond | Dimitri Nakov | Disandat | Dominic Thomas | Eitan Reiter | Format C | Fraser | Gabriel Le Mar | Gahabbi b2b Vektor Equilibrium | Gerő | Golanski | Gregmatter aka Fungus | Henzi | Hruscsov | Infragandhi | Infragandhi feat. MC Fedora | James Monro | Katamii | Krammer | Lank | Lucas | Miso | Monga | Nobody Home aka. Minilogue | Nton | Papa | Petrovszky | Reti | Roocha | Sundi & Tatoo | Szamy | Techmesi | Terra | Titusz | Tongue & Groove | Tripswitch | Tsubi | Zegotha


CHAMBOK HOUSE: Chiara Baldini | Darren Springer | David Luke | Ede Frecska | Kilindi Ivy | Sara Glatt


CIRCUS: Asaf Mor | Firebirds | Flame Flowers | Freak Fusion Cabaret | La Sprindola | Pyrodanza | Shape Productions | Solstix


MIRADOR: Alonso Murillo | Bella Volen | Ben Lopez | Csill Art Scrap Yard | Jessica Perlstein | Jonathan Solter | Julian Graham aka. Aumega | Mangro Forest | Morgan Mandala | Norbert Papp | Patrice Hubert | Phadroid | Randal Roberts | Subliquida Project | Tokio Aoyama


ARTIBARN: Dóra Szűcs & János Friss – Ceramics workshop | Gameouse Project – Board games workshop | Kata Styrna – Felting workshop | Mangro Forest Art Studio – Wood carving workshop | Nagymaros Art Studio – REjewelry | Outdoor Pottery Kiln | Reart Creative Group – Upcycling workshop | Retextil Foundation – Smart textiles workshop | Tibor Fülöp – Forge workshop | Zsófi Vörös – Tie dye batik workshop


HELION: Anna Sebők – Thai Massage | Flóra Vértessy – Shiatsu | Gábor Polzovits – Crystal Therapy | Gergő Békefi – Cranio Sacral Therapy | Judit Somhegyi – Ma uri massage | Krisztina Garamvölgyi – Yumeiho | Notaras Grigorios – Thai Massage | Sally Meredith – ZenThai Shiatsu | Sandra Pühringer – Thai Massage | Sergiu Francisc Manolescu – Crystal Energy Healing | Zsolt Tar – Introduction to craniosacral biodynamics


PYRAMID: Annas Makhzomi – Capoeira | Fruzsina Szenczi – Ashtanga Yoga | Hajni Gazdag – Aikido | Judit Virág – Tribal Belly Dance | Lucija Bozicevic – Movement exploration | Melchor Abubo – Gentle Warrior | Réka Hargitay – Acro Yoga



Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese.


Event Cover_Japan


Your Life Is Your Message

2017 07.12 – 2017 07.16

Lostallo – (Graubunden) – Switzerland


Live Acts

Aes Dana (Ultimae Records) France
Alienn (Hypergate Records) Portugal
Altruism (Nano Records) Brasil
Ancient Core (Indipendent) Romania
Anficlavis (Argot Digamma) Switzerland
Arctika (Blue Tunes Records) Switzerland
Argot Digamma (Argot Digamma) Switzerland
Astral Gnomix (Other Worlds Records) Switzerland
Asura (Ultimae Records) France
Bitkit (Dacru Records) Belgium
Blue Planet Corporation (Flying Rhino Records) France
Bombax (Kamino Records) Germany
Brainiac (Grasshopper Records) Germany
Carbon Based Lifeforms (Leftfield Records) Sweden
Chacruna (Antu Records) Chile & Spain
Chromosome (Dream Vision Media) Sweden
Crazy Astrounaut (How2make) Russia
Cygna (Ultimae Records) France
Cylon (Grasshopper Records) Japan
Dino Psaras (Oktava Records) England
Dark Wispher (Alice D Records) Germany
Djantrix (Digital Om Productions) Serbia
Eclipse Echoes (Antu Records) Brasil
Ectima (Tesseract Sudio) Serbia
Escape (24/7 Records) England
Etnica (Etnica Records) Spain
Filteria (Suntrip Records) Sweden
Flegma (TesseractStudio) Serbia
Furious (How2Make) Russia
Galaxy Drop (Merki Music) Switzerland
Globular (Sofabeats/Shanti Planti Records) England
Goasia (Suntrip Records) Serbia
Green Beats (Nutek Chill Records) Spain
Groovebox (Grasshopper Records) Japan
Gaudi (Rarenoise Records) England
Haldolium (Blue Tunes Records) Germany
Hinkstep (Utopic Vision) Sweden
Hypnoise (Maharetta Records) Spain
Imaginarium (Digital Om Productions) Serbia
Jaja (Tribal Vision Records) France
Kalki (Wave Production) France
Kaya Project (Interchill Records) England
Kindzadza (Osom Music) Russia
Kliment (Zenon Records) Bulgaria
Kloud Nin9 (Maia Brasil Records) Canada
Koan (Blue Tunes Records) Russia
Kronos (D-Noir Records) Italy
Kukan Dub Lagan (Mikelabella Records) Spain
Lab’s Cloud (Altar Records) Spain
M-Theory (Alchemy Records) England
Mad Tribe (Space Tribe Music) England
Mad Maxx (United Beats Records) England
Maitika (Digital Om Productions) France
Maluns (Blue Tunes Records) Switzerland
Martian Arts (Tip Records) Greece
Martin Nonstatic (Ultimae Records) Austria
Max Million (Ultimae Records) Greece
Miktek (Ultimae Records) Greece
Mirok (Grasshopper Records) Japan
Naked Tourist (Parvati Records) Germany
Necropsycho (Alice D Records) Brasil
Norma Project (Ovnimoon Records) Serbia
Nyah Sfx (Höngger Clan) Switzerland
Orestis (Trantrumm Records) Greece
Oxidaksi (Kamino Records) Israel
Perfect Stranger (Iboga Records) Israel
Pragmatix (Rizoma Records) Argentina
Rishi (Ovnimoon Records) Denmark
Sectio Aurea (Argot Digamma) Switzerland
Shakta (Dragonfly Records) England
Sonic Entity (Tesseract) Serbia
Sourone (Zenon Records) Poland
Space Tribe (Space Tribe Music) England
Spinal Fusion (Profound Records) India
Suspect One (Underground Effects) Switzerland
Tat (Maheretta Records) Italy
Terranine (Iboga Records) New Zealand
The Key (Bmss Records) Ascent & Ovnimoon – Chile & Serbia
Tripswitch (Interchill Records) England
Tristate (Digital Om Productions) Austria
Vibrasphere (Tribal Vision Records) Sweden
ZatZak (Profound Records) Portugal
Zen Baboon (SofaBeats) Portugal


Andrew Leung (Strategic Sound) Hong Kong
Boom Shankar (Bmss Records) Germany
Caemix (Savva Records) Switzerland
Face Design (Prog On Syndicate) Switzerland
Firedrop (Propheti Records) Switzerland
Hatta (Grasshopper Records) Japan
Imox (Free Freak Music) Switzerland
Johnny Blue (Mikelabella Records) Germany
Justin Chaos (Zero1 Music) Argentina
Khainz (Module Records) Switzerland
Korento (Aura) Finland
KynEthik (24/7 Records) Italy
M.Solez (6850 Records) Switzerland
Mama Gaia (UnderBraVidunder) Sweden
Martin (Iboga Records) Switzerland
Mercury Fall (Moonloop) Switzerland
Müstik (Solar Tech Records) Switzerland
Nami (Blue Hour Records) Italy
Nampur & Asaya (Polargroove) Switzerland
Outland (Bufta) Switzerland
Raijin Gaijin (Mikelabella Records) Spain
Razaleus (Shamanic Enterprise) Hong Kong
Sorian (Mikelabella Records) Spain
Spiral Hand (Intensive/Tribe Of Surya) Switzerland
Susanna Dobos (5 Rhythm) Switzerland
Thatha (Nano Records) Brasil
Tsubi (radiOzora / Bmss Records) Hungary
Urban Tribe (DMT) Switzerland
Xetrov (Fungo Records) Austria

Line up is still open for 60 artists. If you wish to participate as a musical artist, please present your application:



Basel, Zürich, Geneva, Luzern, S.Gottard,Milan:の各駅からBellinzona駅で下車。Bellinzonaからバス(5スイスフラン)でSan Bernardinoきのバスに乗り、Lostallo(Festivalのエントランス)で下車。 時刻表


Chur, Davos, S.Moritzの各バス停からSan Bernardino行きのバスに乗り、Lostallo(Festivalのエントランス)で下車。


Zurich-Klöten Airport (Switzerland)
Bellinzonaからバス(5スイスフラン)でSan Bernardinoきのバスに乗り、Lostallo



▶︎Lugano-Agno Airport (Switzerland):
Bellinzonaからバス(5スイスフラン)でSan Bernardino行きのバスに乗り、Lostallo(Festivalのエントランス)で下車。


▶︎Milan-Malpensa Airport (Italy)
空港からバス(10ユーロ)でChiasso (Switzerland)で下車。
BellinzonaからバスでSan Bernardinoきのバス(5スイスフラン)に乗り、Lostallo(Festivalのエントランス)で下車。


Psychedelic, Full-On, Psychedelic Progressive, Goa-Trance, Dark Progressive, Chill, Ambient, Downtempo, Dark, Minimal, Deep Techno, Instrumental Concerts.