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Sonica Festival 10 Years Celebration


Sonica Festival 10 Years Celebration
Ace Ventura [IL]
Acid Mind [IT]
Aianix [CH]
Ajja [CH]
Arjuna [IT]
Avalon [UK]
Back to Mars [NL]
Beardy Weardy [UK]
Chameleon [UK]
Chromatone [US]
Circus Bent [UK]
Cosmo [SK]
Cubixx [DE]
Dala [SA]
Dende [MX]
Digoa [BRA]
Dirty Saffi [UK]
Disorder [MX]
Dj Woos [DK]
Dr Space [HU]
Dsompa [DE]
Dust [IT]
E-clip [SRB]
Earthling [UK]
Eat Static [UK]
Egorythmia [MA]
Flooting Grooves [SA]
Ganesh [FR]
Gaspard [CH]
Gino [IT]
Giuseppe Parvati [IT]
Goa Jonas [DE]
Govinda [IT]
Hatta [JP]
Helber Gun [MX]
Hydropanic [IN]
Ilai [IT]
Instinct Wave [IT]
Ital [CL]
Jensson [DE]
Junx Punx [JP]
Justin Chaos [ARG]
Kashyyyk [MX]
Liftshift [NL]
M-Theory [UK]
Master Blasters [UK]
Megalopsy [ARG]
Microdot [AU]
Monkeysexplosion [IT]
Nemo [IT]
Nigel [UK]
Nukleall [IT]
Paolo Goanmantra [IT]
Paolo Ypnotika [IT]
Parasect [IT]
Parasense [RU]
Phobos [IT]
Randome Mode [PT]
RifF RufF [AU]
Robert Leoni [IT]
Sinerider [UK]
Sashi [RU]
Sir [IT]
Spec3 [IT]
Stu [UK]
Tao Yoshi [THA]
Tristan [UK]
Tom [AU]
Tsubi [HU]
Whiptongue [BR]
XP Voodoo [RU]
Zen Mechanics [NL]
Zyce [SRB]



****GAIA STAGE****

Acid China (DE)
Aliji (UK)
Alwoods (GR)
Angular Momentum (PT)
Arboretum (HU)
Bahar Canca (UK)
Benny ill (UK)
Bill Robin (UK)
Calemma (UK)
Decomposer (IT)
Dub War (UK)
Elea (FR)
Foose (BE)
Forest Flowers (IT)
Gaudi (UK)
Goatika (RU)
Groove Design (UK)
Hideyo Blackmoon (JP)
Ishdub (MX)
Italo (IT)
Kaylee (CH)
Kalumet (HU)
Keng (IT)
Keyaki (JP)
Land Switcher (FR)
Low End (MX)
Mirror System (UK)
Piero (IT)
Sigil (PT)
Sonasha (UK)
Tale (IT)
Terrakroma (US)
Thorazin (MX)
Tommy (IT)
Wakamolo (FR)
Walgood (PT)




Deliria [MX]
Kunst Vor Art [DE]
Bambuseto [IT]
Orbital Experience [DE]


• Solaris Main Stage
• Gaia Alternative Stage
• Funktion One Sound System
• Multidimensional Video Mapping
• Psy-deco and Installations
• Performing Arts and Exhibitions
• Healing & Workshop
• Artisanal Market
• International and Local food
• Camping & Caravan Area
* Kids Area
• Showers & Facilities

Sonica Ticket Presale OPEN
1st Phase 50€ ::SOLD OUT::
2st Phase 70€ ::SOLD OUT::
3st Phase 90€ (1sh May – 15th Jul)

Veneto/Trentino – Loris Pettena 347.3738557

Emilia/Toscana – Diego Ottani 346.2274740

Lombardia – Nicoló Giraldi 338.6772100

Piemonte/Liguria – Elettra Blacklite 329.0361551

Center/South Italy – Alessio Alvino 329.8708937



Other place:

Ilai – 3387576154
Tommy – 331.2075457
ON LINE Ticket:
Door price: 110€

Main info:

Shop, Stalls, Restaurant request:
New website:




2015.06.13 (Sat)@AMATE-RAXI
〒150-0002 東京都渋谷区 渋谷3-26−16 Tel:03-3486-6861
Open:23:00・Entrance ¥3,500 /With Flyer:¥3,000

DUST (Looney Moon Records /From Italy)
SPECTRA SONICS (Grasshopper Records)


TOMY (Modem Festival /From Croatia)
MOTHERSHIP (Shangri-La/Phar Psyde Records)
MASAYA (Jungle Fresh Music)
YUYA (Antu Records/Overdrive)


COBA (NeoTokyo)
DISC JUNKEY (Grasshopper Records/Ndc)
YOHEI (Turbulence/NeoTokyo)
and more…



more info coming soon…



Welcome to MODEM 2015! – If you are here already, that is
probably because you are as excited as we are about the next edition!

We have moved the date little from last year to help accommodate more people at an easier time of year, so for 2015 the festival will be held between the 19-24 of AUGUST. Just like every year, we have already been working on the next edition for many months – Managing the logistics of such a demanding site is a very large and complicated job, but we still feel it is one of the most beautiful locations we could ever have for a festival, and continue with our efforts to improve all areas of the site – We want to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible while still maintaining that raw natural feeling of being out in the forest or by the lakes.

This year, we have a special edition and a special reason to celebrate, as we will be hosting the official 15 year birthday of PARVATI RECORDS! – Without going into too much detail now, we can promise a full blown Parvati experience, along with a whole other range of top quality underground psychedelic artists from around the world, just like MODEM has become known and loved for.

News on Presale and Artist line up will be coming soon, but in the meantime, we hope to see you there, and stay tuned!
Love,  The MODEM Team


● ARCHAIC (Parvati Records – Greece)
● ARJUNA (Parvati Records – Italy)
● ASTRALEX (24/7 Records – Austria)
● BABA YAGA (Parvati Records – Germany)
● BACK TO MARS (Electric Power Pole Records – Brazil)
● BIONIC (Woodog Records- Austria)
● BOMBAX (Kamino Records – Germany)
● BROTHERYS (Purple Hexagon Records – Germany)
● CENTAURO (Psynon Records – Cyprus)
● CHRIS RICH (Bom Shanka Music – UK)
● CONFO (Parvati Recrods – Greece)
● DARK WHISPER (Alice-D Records/Mind Expansion – Italy)
● DATAURA (Digital Mind Records – UK)
● DICKSTER (Nano Records – UK)
● DIRTY SAFFI (Bom Shanka Music – UK)
● DRIP DROP (Harmonia Record – Greece)
● DUST (Looney Moon Records – Italy)
● EARTHLING (Zero One Music- Spain)
● EAT STATIC (Mesmobeat Records – UK)
● ECT (Parvati Records – UK)
● ECTOGASMICS (Parvati Records – Germany)
● ELOWINZ (Parvati Records – Brazil)
● EVP (Wildthings Records – UK)
● FAGIN’S REJECT (Wildthings Records – UK)
● FLORIAN MSK (DMT Records – Canada)
● GASPARD (Sangoma Reocrds – Switzerland)
● GIDRA (Parvati Records – India)
● GIUSEPPE (Parvati Records – Italy)
● GONZO (Psyebancia – Croatia)
● GOVINDA (Peak Records – Italy)
● GRAPES OF WRATH (Parvati Records – Denmark)
● GUER vs BASSLION (Momem Festival / Maharetta Records – Croatia / Spain)
● HARMONIC REBEL (Psynon Records – Cyprus)
● HASHBURY (Kamino Records – Germany)
● HATTA (Grasshopper Records – Japan)
● HELLQUIST (Zenon Records – Sweden)
● IANUARIA (Bluehoursounds – Austria)
● ILSE (Parvati Records – Denmark)
● INSANE CREATURES (Purple Hexagon Records – Spain)
● ISOCHRONIC (Psynon Records – Cyprus)
● JAHBO (Parvati Records – Denmark)
● JUSTIN CHAOS (Zero1 Music – Argentina)
● KASADELICA (Uroboros Records – Israel)
● KIM (Zero1 Music – UK)
● KRUMELUR (Zenon Records – Sweden)
● LIQUID ROSS (Liquid Records- UK)
● LOOSE CONNECTION (Free Radical Records – UK)
● LUCAS (TIP world Records – UK)
● MALICE IN WONDERLAND (2to7 Records – Austria)
● MARA (Uroboros Records – Italy)
● MIKEL (Parvati Recrods – Italy)
● MUBALI (Parvati Recrods – USA)
● NAIMA (Sangoma Records – Austria
● NARGUN (Parvati Recordds – Brazil)
● NIGEL (Bom Shanka Music – UK)
● NOMAD 25 (Psynon Records – Cyprus)
● NOVOVRATIC (Woodog Records- FRANCE)
● NUKY (Bom Shanka Music – UK)
● OBLIVIANT (Looney Moon Records – Netherlands)
● ONKEL DUNKEL (Parvati Records – Denmark)
● ORESTIS (Sonic Loom Records – Greece)
● PARASENSE (Bom Shanka Music – Russia)
● PELKS (Modem Festival – Croatia)
● PHASE (Looney Moon Records – Italy)
● PHOBOS (Looney Moon Records – Italy)
● PSYBERPUNK (Subsystem – Switzerland)
● PSYCHONOTIK (Psyde Effect Records – Lebanon)
● R2 (Looney Moon Records – Costa Rica)
● RASTALIENS (Phar Psyde – Germany)
● RIDDEN (Harmonia Records – Greece)
● ROWAN (Peak Records – UK)
● SHANTAROLF (Midnight Sun Festival – Norway)
● SHOTU (Hadra Records – France)
● SOUTHWILD (Wildthings Records – Canada)
● SPECTRA SONICS (Grasshopper Records – Japan)
● SPROCKET (Bluehoursounds – UK)
● SYNTHETIK CHAOS (World People- France)
● THE RAVE COMMISSION (Zero One Music- Mexico/UK)
● TIJAH vs ONIONBRAIN (Uroboros Records – Brazil)
● TOMY (Modem Festival – Croatia)
● TOTO (World People Music – France)
● TRISTAN (Nano Records – UK)
● TRON (Zero1 Music – Mexico)
● ULVAE (Parvati Records – Portugal)
● VAL VASHAR (Zenon Records – Croatia)
● VERT3X (Psynon Records/Modem Festival – Cyprus)
● VERTICAL (Parvati Records – Denmark)
● WILL O WISP (Dark Prisma -Argentina)
● ZOOLOG (Parvati Records – Denmark)




● AKASHA (Shanti Planti – UK)
● AVARIS (Independent – Greece)
● BWOY DE BAJHAN (Shanti Planti – Denmak)
● CHILLIN GLOW (Hypnodelix crew – Croatia)
● DATAURA (Digital Mind Records – UK)
● [DE]COMPOSER (Visionary Mind Records – Italy)
● DER DENKER (DMT Records – Canada)
● DOVLA (Interchill Records – Croatia)
● EAT STATIC (Mesmobeat Records – UK)
● GAYATREE (Blue Hour Sounds – ID)
● GOATIKA (Goatika Creative Lab – Russia)
● HASHASHIN (Green Tree / Elektro Magnetik – Belgium)
● INDRA (Maia Brasil Records – Croatia)
● JOHNNY BLUE (Mikalabella Records – Cyprus)
● JOHNY PABLO (WAPP Camelphant- Israel)
● JUSTIN CHAOS (Zero1 Music – Argentina)
● KACELOGIC (Hypnotic Instincts/D.M.T Records – Lebanon)
● LANDSWITCHER (Shanti Planti – France)
● MARCIANA (Independent – The Netherlands)
● MASTER MARGHERITA (Blue Hour Sounds – Switzerland)
● MENTAL VS MAAT (Visionary Mind Records – Italy)
● MODERN ERRORS (Visionary Mind Records – Netherlands)
● MUMUKSHU (Shanti Planti – USA)
● NELSON MANDALA (Zealotry Music – Denmark)
● OKAPI (Looney Moon Experiment – Italy)
● OTKUN (Looney Moon Experiment – Morocco)
● PSIONIC ENTITY (Psychometric Vision – UK)
● PSYMBIOSIS (Mahretta Records – Italy)
● QUANTA (Shanti Planti – UK)
● REA TAS (FarOut – Croatia)
● SHOSHANA (Independent – Slovenia)
● SUSPECTACLE (Glitch Hop Sound – Russia)
● TENGRI (Peak Records – Macedonia)
● UTERO (Visionary Mind Records – Hungary)
● VAL VASHAR (Zenon Records – Croatia)
● VLASTUR (Sonic Loom – Greece)
● VRKI (Dub Freeqs – Croatia)
● WHITEBEAR (Shanti Planti – Australia)


● DUBCONDUCTOR (Dubconductor Studios – UK)
● DUB ENGINE (Dub Engine – Italy)
● DUBBLE (Dubble – Croatia)
● DIGITRON (Digitron Soundsystem – Croatia)
● HASPAR (Haspar Dubmaker – France)
● RDH HI-FI (Rdh Hi-Fi – France)
● WARRIOR CHARGE (Warrior Charge Soundsystem – Italy)
● ROOTS COLLECTIVE (Roots Collective Soundsystem – France)
● LOW FREQUENCY (Low Frequency – Croatia)
● HIGH GRADE COMMANDA (High Grade Commanda Sound – Croatia)
● DUB FEVER (Dub Fever – Switzerland)
● GAMMA SOUND (Gamma Sound – Belgium)
● RESERVOIR DUB (Reservoir Dub – Belgium)
● MIGHTY PATCH (Mighty Patch – Belgium)
● ZENICA FARIA (Zenica Faria Sound – BiH)
● MUNCHIES (Munchies – Croatia)
● HOMEGROWN (Homegrown Soundsystem – Croatia)

+ MORE TBA !!!