Green Magic 2018


Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese.



Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese.

Green Magic & Grasshopper Presents


Date:2018 March 3rd

Venue: UNIT Tokyo / UNICE
Address: Za HOUSE BLD B1 1-34-17 Ebisu-Nishi,Shibuya-ku
Open : 24:00 ▶Entrance:¥4,000 / Advance E ticket ¥3,000
Mail :
Hinamatsuri Special price for ladies: ¥3,000

■Notice :

※Minors are not admitted.

※Please bring your photo ID.
※Re-enter is not permitted.

MoDem Festival 2018


06.08.2018. – 12.08.2018.


welcome to Mo:Dem Festival 2018.! The date is set and planning for our next gathering can start…

First of all, we want to thank you once more for your support and love given: HVALA!

We learned a lot, especially in communication with you, and our mission is to implement this new knowledge into building bigger but more accessible and more humane Mo:Dem. Your better comfort and safety is the primary goal. With our greener initiative, we want to live the words ecology and sustainability even more. Preserving the site as pure and untouched as we found it implies stricter ‘leave no trace’ policy. Except for the construction of new compost toilets we have big plans in this department and therefore we’re going to need your help; so expect crowdfunding and other campaigns in near future.

We continue to follow our vision to abandon the outdated concept that divides musical genres on ‘main’ and ‘alternative’ so each segment of the Mo:Dem Festival will have equal treatment and approach. It seems that you liked new concept with three musical stages and at this moment we can only reveal that we are improving and developing it. But building chill out area worthy of our Festival is the main objective. You know what to expect – diverse musical content with an emphasis on psychedelic sound and out of this world visuals, installations and art.

As you know Mo:Dem is not expanding in numbers and tickets will be limited. We recommend that you buy yours on time. Early bird tickets will be online in mid-September. Other news are coming soon so stay tuned!

With love and passion,
Mo:Dem Crew



▶︎ Advance ticket now on sale -SUNSHINE FESTIVAL 2017- オートキャンプ銀河 (西伊豆) ▶︎ アドバンスチケット販売中 09/16(Sat) – 09/18(Mon,祝) Gate Open 09/16 TBA Music Start 09/16 TBA Music End 09/18 TBA ■Ticket -Limited 600 people- *早割チケット ¥10,000(SOLDOUT) *前売りチケット ¥12,000(SOLDOUT) *当日チケット ¥14,000 数に限りがございます。あらかじめご了承くださいませ。   ■Parking Fee *車一台に1-3人/¥2000 *4人以上/¥1000 当日現地にてお支払いください。 ■ゴミ処理代 ゴミ袋1枚¥500 1グループ最低3枚から別途ご購入いただきます。 ※ビンの持ち込みは禁止です。 ★Advance tickets are limited to 600. There are no gate tickets after the Advance ticket is sold out ,so please make sure you get the Advance ticket to come to Sunshine Festival !! We will check the full name who bought the Advance ticket at the entrance.   ■Parking Fee *1 to 3 people / 2000 yen per car *more than 4 people / 1000 yen per car   ■Garbage Disposal Fee 500 yen per garbage bag. Please buy at least 3 garbage bag at the entrance. You can leave the garbage at the venue by using that bag. ※No bins allowed   ★☆★Line up★☆★ ⁂ International Decoration Artist ◆Artescape (ZA) ⁂ International VJ Video Mapping ◆Afterlife(ZA)★日本初プレイ ⁂ International Artists ◆Vertical Mode(HOMmega Productions / IL) ◆Magik(Nano Records / UK)★日本初プレイ ◆Yestermorrow(Iono-Music / PT)★日本初プレイ ◆Braindrop(Occulta Records / IN)★日本初プレイ   ⁂ International DJs ◆DJ Dala(Nano Record / ZA) ◆DJ Daroom(Quantum Digits Records / MA) ◆DJ Digoa(Zero 1 Music / SP) ◆DJ KynEthik(24/7 Records / IT)★日本初プレイ ◆DJ Prefix(PsynOpticz Records / ZA)★日本初プレイ ◆DJ Raoul(Maharetta Records / Blue Hour Sounds / DE)   ⁂ Domestic Artists ◆Cylon(Grasshopper Records) ◆Groovebox(Grasshopper Records) ◆Sun69(Blacklite Records)   ⁂ Domestic DJs ◆DJ Daijiro(Digitalblock) ◆DJ Disc Junkey(Grasshopper Records) ◆DJ Hashi(Sunshine Festival) ◆DJ Hatta(Grasshopper Records) ◆DJ Hayato(Brain Busters) ◆DJ Hisa(Good Vibes/ Overdrive) ◆DJ Ho-C (Wing Makers) ◆DJ Iry(Grasshopper Records) ◆DJ Jun(eaton / natural smile) ◆DJ Mat-tun(HOMmega Productions) ◆DJ Mog(Uroboros Records / Wing Makers / SOF) ◆DJ Satoru(Wing Makers / 陰陽祭) ◆DJ Take(Sunshine Festival/Occulta Records) ◆DJ Yohei(24/7 Records) ◆DJ Yumii(ZENZEN / Frequency Agent) ◆DJ Yuya(Antu Records / Overdrive)   ⁂ Belly Dance ◆Harakhti ・Juno(ユノー, Harir Oriental Studio HPha) ・Shizuka   ⁂ Hoop Dance ◆Uko (Hooper Looper)   ⁂ Fire Performance ◆八咫烏 ⁂Live Painting ◆Jonathan West / Skywalker   ⁂ Sound System ◆ASADA (Air Lab)   ⁂ Photographer ◆CINEMATIC Project