DJ KynEthik


Alex, in art KynEthik, was born in 1986 and brought up in Rome. He discovered psychedelic culture in 2008 attending Psy Trance parties for years and got involved as a DJ in this scene sharing his passion for hypnotic sounds and exploding loops. In 2017 he released his first compilation named “Transient Shapes” (24/7 Records) which was officially unleashed in Japan at Grand Space Quark, during the first date of a dedicated world-tour. Passion for Psy Trance never left Alex, becoming stronger day by day and his powerful selections caught attention of many festival organizations around the globe: WAO Festival (IT), Shankra Festival (CH), SimSalaBOOM (DE), Sunshine Festival (JP), 7 Chakras Festival (IT), The Experience Festival (T), ATLAS Gathering (IT), Own Spirit Festival (ES) just to mention a few.The sum of all these experiences and the care applied in every mix raised attention of Grasshopper Records and finally, with the release of his new VA format “Lights and Wires” in 2022, he got signed as label Dj.