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NaiLiK – The psytrance project of 20 Year old Montreal, Canada born producer Kilian Johnson. His music usually ranges from 143-146bpm and is often described as driving high energy, full on psytrance with a futuristic sound. His music has a combination of sharp leads, glitched out elements, moving grooves & deep atmospheric sounds on top of a slamming kick and bass which give NaiLiK his sound.


NaiLiK was introduced to the psytrance scene late in 2010 and He instantly fell in love with the music and the production quality of both psytrance music and events he heard or saw happening around the world. NaiLiK was already into Djing in 2010 playing other genres of electronic music until he discovered psychedelic music.. Not long after, he became very interested in music production. He began to produce in 2011 after a friend showed him the basics. By 2012 he was heavily into production, constantly learning and researching while making music, he was working towards developing a good production with a unique sound that would later be recognizable as his music today. During this time he was also Djing many local psytrance events in Montreal.


In 2013 NaiLiK’s production was noticed and supported by international artist, and now Label mate – K.I.M. K.I.M connected him with the Label manager of Grasshopper records, DJ Hatta.  When Hatta heard NaiLiK’s latest track at the time, titled ‘Driven Mad’ he quickly asked NaiLiK to join the label as a Grasshopper Records artist in December 2013. In March 2014, NaiLiK’s Track ‘Driven Mad’ was released on a Grasshopper records collaboration VA Onkalo, Compiled by DJ Hatta and Holon from Catalyst Records (Mexico). Following his first release, NaiLiK also released a track on a VA with the Mexican label Tarkus records.


Today, his project has a strong reputation for always delivering quality sets with powerful music that brings a unique energy felt by all; his sets (Live or Dj) always leave the dancefloor wanting more. He often plays in Montreal several times per month, Live and Dj bookings and Kilian is always working to take his project to another level. While quiet in the last months with releases, NaiLiK is working on many tracks for different compilations on various labels, doing collaboration tracks as well as working towards his debut EP to be released on Grasshopper Records after the summer of 2015.


Stay tuned for more