A self taught drummer from a young age, Mario started his musicial career composing and playing in rock/punk/hardcore garage bands. After having contact with psychedelic trance in his homeland of Cerrado in Brazil, his music taste evolved quickly, finding his niche in psychedelic middle groove, leading dancefloors on a journey through the realms of middle groove trance. Now working on his own project. Mario has performed at high level parties such as Sol Vision, Seekers Open Air 2012, Round of Night after hours, Sunshine Festival 2013… Playing with some of the world`s biggests artists; Ace Ventura, D-Nox&Beckers, Burn in Noise, Brainiac, Helber Gun, In Lak Ech, Sonic Species, Breathead, Tron, Spectra Sonics, Cylon, Mirok, Rinkadink and many others..