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From Japan to Cape Town, from Cape Town to the world, from the world to the universe…

A new collective of individuals, from both South Africa and Japan alike have come together to bring you the second chapter of My Little Sunshine – South Africa.

Join us for a one of a kind collaboration hosting the best in both local and international talent. Where two worlds collide to bring you 24 hours of nothing short of a kaleidoscopic experience delving into a realm where psychedelic knows no boundaries.

For one day a year, on the picturesque shores of Cape Town, South Africa, the east and west will come together, united as one under the African skies to dance and celebrate all the beauty that is life.

The JOURNEY will start with the darker side of progressive leading into and explosive night of full on power, slowly dropping down to the full on sounds of day time, then tantalizing you with the more groovier side of progressive to end. There will be a little bit of every flavor for everyone joining us on this psychedelic experience.

◢◣◥◤◢◣◥◤◢◣◥ MUSIC ◤◢◣◥◤◢◣◥◤◢◣
► BERNZ -{Beartrap}- South Africa -DJ-

► BREATHEAD -{Solar Tech Records}- Mexico -LiVE-

► COLD PROJECT -{Occulta Records}- South Africa -LiVE-

► CYLON -{Grasshopper Records}- Japan -LiVE-

► DALA -{Nano Records}- South Africa -DJ-

► DaROOM -{Nomads Tribe}- Morocco -DJ-

► DRAGON -{Globaldatmafia/EclipseHunter}- Japan -DJ-

► HIGHERWATTSKA {Killawatt & Highstyle} – South Africa -LIVE-

► JUMBO -{My Little Sunshine}- Japan -DJ-

► KINETICZ -{Grasshopper Records}- South Africa -DJ-

► KOZOO -{My Little Sunshine/Power33}- Japan -DJ-

► REGAN -{Nano Records}- South Africa-DJ-

► ROSA VENTURA -{Mosaico Rec/RESPECT Festival}- Brazil-DJ-

► SWITCHACHE -{Spectral Records/Psynoticz}- South Africa -DJ-

► SYSTEM THEORY -{Independant}- South Africa -DJ-

► TAKE -{My Little Sunshine/Occulta Records}- Japan -DJ-

► TOSHI-{My Little Sunshine}- Japan -DJ-

► TRON -{Zero1/Free Spirit Records}- Mexico -LiVE-

◢◣◥◤◢◣◥◤◢◣◥ SOUND & LIGHTING ◤◢◣◥◤◢◣◥◤◢◣
Aggressive Audio will be providing a phat rig that would even keep even the hard of hearing pulsating on the dance floor

◢◣◥◤◢◣◥◤◢◣◥ TICKETS ◤◢◣◥◤◢◣◥◤◢◣
ONLINE – R220 Available through Quicket
SUNDAY PASS – R180 From 09:00AM Sunday morning

◢◣◥◤◢◣◥◤◢◣◥ VENUE ◤◢◣◥◤◢◣◥◤◢◣
Details will be released soon!

◢◣◥◤◢◣◥◤◢◣◥ DECOR ◤◢◣◥◤◢◣◥◤◢◣
Eye candy will be provided by Luminos

◢◣◥◤◢◣◥◤◢◣◥ STALLS ◤◢◣◥◤◢◣◥◤◢◣
Please email: for application

◢◣◥◤◢◣◥◤◢◣◥ BAR ◤◢◣◥◤◢◣◥◤◢◣
There will be a fully stocked and licensed bar available.
REMEMBER: NO GLASS BOTTLES ALLOWED, any glass will be confiscated at the gate!!!