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▶︎ アドバンスチケット販売中


オートキャンプ銀河 (西伊豆)

▶︎ アドバンスチケット販売終了

09/16(Sat) – 09/18(Mon,祝)

Gate Open 09/16 TBA

Music Start 09/16 TBA

Music End 09/18 TBA


-Limited 600 people-








■Parking Fee








★Advance tickets are limited to 600.

There are no gate tickets after the Advance ticket is sold out ,so please make sure you get the Advance ticket to come to Sunshine Festival !!

We will check the full name who bought the Advance ticket at the entrance.


■Parking Fee

*1 to 3 people / 2000 yen per car

*more than 4 people / 1000 yen per car


■Garbage Disposal Fee

500 yen per garbage bag.

Please buy at least 3 garbage bag at the entrance. You can leave the garbage at the venue by using that bag.

※No bins allowed


★☆★Line up★☆★

⁂ International Decoration Artist

◆Artescape (ZA)

⁂ International VJ Video Mapping


⁂ International Artists

◆Vertical Mode(HOMmega Productions / IL)

◆Magik(Nano Records / UK)★日本初プレイ

◆Yestermorrow(Iono-Music / PT)★日本初プレイ

◆Braindrop(Occulta Records / IN)★日本初プレイ


⁂ International DJs

◆DJ Dala(Nano Record / ZA)

◆DJ Daroom(Quantum Digits Records / MA)

◆DJ Digoa(Zero 1 Music / SP)

◆DJ KynEthik(24/7 Records / IT)★日本初プレイ

◆DJ Prefix(PsynOpticz Records / ZA)★日本初プレイ

◆DJ Raoul(Maharetta Records / Blue Hour Sounds / DE)


⁂ Domestic Artists

◆Cylon(Grasshopper Records)

◆Groovebox(Grasshopper Records)

◆Sun69(Blacklite Records)


⁂ Domestic DJs

◆DJ Daijiro(Digitalblock)

◆DJ Disc Junkey(Grasshopper Records)

◆DJ Hashi(Sunshine Festival)

◆DJ Hatta(Grasshopper Records)

◆DJ Hayato(Brain Busters)

◆DJ Hisa(Good Vibes/ Overdrive)

◆DJ Ho-C (Wing Makers)

◆DJ Iry(Grasshopper Records)

◆DJ Jun(eaton / natural smile)

◆DJ Mat-tun(HOMmega Productions)

◆DJ Mog(Uroboros Records / Wing Makers / SOF)

◆DJ Satoru(Wing Makers / 陰陽祭)

◆DJ Take(Sunshine Festival/Occulta Records)

◆DJ Yohei(24/7 Records)

◆DJ Yumii(ZENZEN / Frequency Agent)

◆DJ Yuya(Antu Records / Overdrive)


⁂ Belly Dance


・Juno(ユノー, Harir Oriental Studio HPha)



⁂ Hoop Dance

◆Uko (Hooper Looper)


⁂ Fire Performance


⁂Live Painting

◆Jonathan West / Skywalker


⁂ Sound System

◆ASADA (Air Lab)


⁂ Photographer